White Lady

White Lady of Spring Canyon Utah

This story starts out in the early 1900’s; there are many versions behind this ghost of a canyon. The town was Latuda, a mining boom town; her husband had died in the mine leaving her with nothing but her two babies. In this story, one told to us by the carbon county historian, she killed her babies after going to the Latuda mine office for help when her husband was taken. The mine office offered nothing more than an apology, she left devastated. She did not want her babies to starve to death for she could not afford any food. So she drowned them in the creek that ran through Spring Canyon. The story I was given stated that she turned herself in to a psychiatric ward in Salt Lake City for help. She was never given the answers she needed to resolve her guilt. So she returned to Latuda and hung herself, this left a dramatic and famous ghost story. One of our investigators, Ron Johnson, has investigated the Spring Canyon White Lady for close to 15 years, coming out with not much more than stories of sighting from locals. One sighting in particular was reported by an elderly woman that lived in Helper Utah. Her and her husband had driven up the canyon for an afternoon walk; they began driving down right about dark. They noticed an odd light where the Latuda mining office once stood, when they stopped the light moved toward their car. Laying on the gas they hurtled down the canyon, she reported the light never left their tail till they reached the train bridge at the base of the canyon. There she said she looked back and saw the light fading away above bridge. Ghost stories about the White Lady such as these have been reported more than once, and even influence one man to blow up the historic Latuda mine office, where the White Lady is often sighted. The mine office is now nothing more than a foundation, though when visited at night, this place gives off an eerie feeling. So if you venture into Spring Canyon Utah after dark, remember that some may have a gift that brings this entity forward, while some will never get the chance to witness her presence. These stories may all be true to an extent, or the White Lady may just be our fearful minds playing tricks. Just remember Spring Canyon holds many ghost towns, and there may just be a few more resident ghosts than just the White Lady.

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